Friday, 29 April 2016

Glossy Ibis

I was very happy that the three adult Glossy Ibises Plegadis falcinellus at Han Bao had chosen to stay put for so long (though rather suspected that they might do). They turned up about three weeks ago when I was on Dongyin, and I have since had absolutely no time available in which to twitch them. Though I woke up very late this morning, I decided (once I learnt that they were still there) that I really could have no excuses for not hopping on my scooter straight away and setting off out on the long drive north to get them. It seems that they have always been favouring just three flooded fields, all within a few hundred metres of each other, so if they're not on one, they're on the other. They were therefore very easy to find, and quite delightfully glossy. Absolute belters all told!

Unfortunately, I did not come away with the photos I would have liked as the birds were very flighty when close to the road. It did not help that they were immediately 'charged down' by a horde of photographers whenever they did come close, causing them invariably to flush. I have no problem with photographers getting close to birds (and like get very close to them myself), but the 'approach work' of many leaves a lot to be desired. I fancy that these three might well have been quite tolerant of people close to them, but (like any bird) simply panicked at the sight of a number of people moving quickly in their direction. As it only ever looked likely that I would get either flight shots or distant ones of birds on the ground, I left the melee after snapping off just a few record shots and began the long drive home, happy enough I hasten to add that they were comfortably OML! Above photos taken at Han Bao, Zhanghua County 29/4/16.

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