Friday, 9 June 2017

Dog-legged Clubtail

I was hoping for more than one Dog-legged Clubtail Burmagomphus vermicularis on my small stream at Xin Hua Friday morning, but one was all I got. A second recently emerged individual I turned my back on as I put my bag down had disappeared when I turned round to face it again. Still, there were rather many Black Riverdarters Onychothemis tonkinensis around to play with this morning, and I was happy enough with these as they are pretty striking dragonflies. Of course, there were numerous obligatory Lineated Orange Jewels Libellago lineata along the river also.

By late morning, the heat had become absolutely unbearable, and walking just a few metres in it left me sweating and knackered; thus it was time to call it a day! Above photos taken in Xin Hua, Tainan County 9/6/17.

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