Sunday, 25 June 2017

Local dragonflies (2)

It ended up being Tainan again Sunday, albeit the more far-flung destination of Dong Shan higher up in the mountains. The hoped-for and expected clubtails proved easy to find now that this area is wet, and my chief target among them was the tiny Horn-tailed Clubtail Stylogomphus shirozui. There were just a couple on a rocky stream next to the road, but they really were quite confiding.

The larger and more numerous Brook Clubtail Leptogomphus sauteri was also easy to pick up on this same small stretch of stream, with somewhat surprisingly the majority of individuals present being females (all busily laying eggs in the relative comfort of just the one attendant male). As generally speaking I do not encounter many clubtails in Tainan County, I had to take the opportunity to fill my boots with these, too, while they were there for the taking.

More unexpected were the two big dragonflies that were working the same area: a female Tiger Hawker Polycanthagyna erythromelas and a Brown-winged Goldenring Chlorogomphus risi. The Hawker had been buzzing around all morning, and was seemingly unwilling to land. Unfortunately, it did so without my noticing it, and I flushed the laying female on my way to the Brown-winged Goldenring which I had spotted busily laying in the same tiny puddle! Fortunately, I did come away with a record shot of the latter, perhaps the more difficult of the two to photograph anyway.

The usual small stuff was also well-represented on this tiny stream, with Formosan Piedwing Psolodesmus mandarinus and Yellow-tailed Forest Damsel Coeliccia flavicauda both being well worth snapping. The Red-legged Flatwings Rhipidolestes aculeatus of earlier in the year were nowhere to be found, and it seems as though their season is now finished at this site for this year.

It really is a very pleasant spot Dong Shan, and it's nice to have somewhere 'on the doorstep' to go where all this wonderful diversity can be easily found. Above photos taken at Dong Shan, Tainan County 25/6/17.

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