Sunday, 7 July 2019

Asian Dowitcher

A very nice adult Asian Dowitcher provided me with something different to try and photograph this weekend. The return passage of waders has already begun here, with presumed failed breeders of a variety of species (Asian Dowitcher being about the best of them) already present at local wetland sites. I was surprised by how close this one was willing to come if I just sat motionless on my bike for a few hours and it got used to my presence, and did manage a handful of reasonable shots. These were still a bit rough though on account of all the heat haze. 

A singing male Watercock in the same area the week before had been a much bigger surprise, but this had chosen to go silent shortly after it had flown and was not seen subsequently.

There are some rewards on offer, then, for doggedly flogging the local area, but it feels like (and is) now a very long time since I last found anything of note and I am definitely long overdue something of a slightly higher calibre! Above photos taken in Tainan County 29/6-7/7/19.